Hillel’s Kitchen/HK NOLA

The Hillel Kitchen operation is run by Chef Harveen Khera. Chef Khera is the Founder of Hillel’s HK NOLA, a casual fine eatery within our building. The food is made with love, two steps with the Louisiana season and is delicious. 

HK’s talented chefs create hand crafted food made from scratch. It is a popular food option for Tulane, as well as a favorite spot for our Uptown neighbors. Our dining room services three hundred guests six days a week. You can read more about Chef Harveen Khera here. You can learn about Chef Harveen’s full operation here, along with menus, catering options and specials that come up throughout the year. 

 HK NOLA is proud to operate a certified kosher kitchen. The Chef works extensively with Rabbi Yonah Schiller, who serves as the mashgiach, to ensure the kitchen meets all kosher requirements. Any questions regrading the kashrut of HK NOLA, should be directed to Rabbi Yonah at: yonah@tulane.edu. All other inquiries related to the HK NOLA, please visit the HK NOLA website and make your inquiry.


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    Located in beautiful space in Uptown New Orleans with multi-media meeting rooms, exceptionally designed lounges, and a delicious, local, organic catering facility. We have been host to lectures, retreats, celebrations, meetings and more.

Multi-Media Rooms

Our meeting rooms are equipped with the most updated technology including projectors, drop down screens, and surround sound.

Study Sessions at Hillel

We provide an ideal study enviroment M-F until 11pm. Special study evenings are offered periodically during stressful times such as finals and midterms.

Parties & Special Events

We have been host to lectures, retreats, celebrations, and more with our well- designed lounge areas and in-house caterer, Hillel‘s Kitchen.


At Tulane Hillel, we want our students to feel comfortable. There are many
lounge areas throughout the facility for students to choose from. It’s the
perfect spot for a casual meeting, a group study session, or even just to hang
out with friends. We love having our students hang out in the building, so
come on in and grab a couch!



Our state-of-the-art muilti-media rooms are equipped with the most
updated technology including projectors, drop down screens, and
surround sound. These rooms are often used for lectures, meetings
and other group activities.



Your experience at Tulane Hillel would not be complete without enjoying
the organic, locally sourced and kosher restaurant in the Hillel center.
Attracting hundreds of students and guests each day, this unique New
Orleans treasure gives is helping to re-define kosher food. Gluten free
options are available, as are numerous vegetarian and vegan selections.



of the polled student body ranked atmosphere as

their favorite aspect of Tulane Hillel

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